or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Work

On humility and perspective in politics

In defense of the greatest American artwork of the 21st century

  1. Don’t like rap
  2. Aren’t a history buff
  3. Can’t understand why the actors are people of color
  4. Won’t understand what’s happening because the words are “too fast”
  5. Don’t want to have to “learn” stuff while being entertained
  1. I’m not a hip-hop head, but…

Field Notes from the Future, Vol. II

Putting a name to a part of me

Photo Credit: Cheryl M. Photography

Tuesday April 25th, 2006. 2 AM — Home, Plainfield IL.

I’m a newly minted 29-year-old dad, rocking my one-month-old son Brady back to sleep after feeding him a bottle.

Field Notes from the Future, Vol. I

That time I was defeated by a pink rubber band

An essential style guide for professionals who are new to working from home

Mike Bechtel

I’m an inventor, professor, and futurist. I try to make sense of “all things newfangled”. Medium writings and opinions my own.

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