I Tracked Every Single Thing I Ate for a Full Year. Here are 10 Quick A-Ha’s.

Mike Bechtel
6 min readApr 18, 2019

Last April, I started getting serious about my health. In part because I realized that I was nearly 20 pounds overweight, and in part because I was coming up on my 42nd birthday, my dad’s age when he had his first heart attack.

For the past 365 days, I’ve tracked:
1. Every single thing I’ve eaten (Calories In) ( Lose It! App)
2. All resting (Basal) & active (Workouts, steps, etc.) energy burned (Calories Out) (Apple Watch)
3. My sleep schedule, depth, and heart rate. (AutoSleep App)
4. My vitals (weight, body fat %, blood pressure, temperature, etc.) (Withings, Omron, Braun)
5. My qualitative health & happiness (colds, headaches, nausea, mood, etc. via Google Sheets.)

I’m just now beginning the process of teasing insights out of the data. There are, by my back-of-the-napkin estimation, over 500,000 data points to weed through and attempt to correlate.

This is going to take a while…

That said, here are a few quick teaser takeaways, each of which may become a future article (or even a book?) some day:

1. Exercise is a Heckuva Anti-Depressant



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